To be or not to be...a classic! - TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - AUTHOR STUDY
What makes a novel a classic?  Well, a classic is timely.  This means that it has to do with things that are happening in the time it was written.  It is also timeless.  Its theme applies to all societies and cultures, no matter who or what they are, in any time or period of history.  A real classic also presents what is really true.  In other words, the Judeo-Christian ethic that doing the right thing instead of the wrong thing always pays off is presented.  A classic will still be around for a while after it is written.  It is also well written.  Finally, a classic makes connections.  It expresses the time in which it is written, yet still stands alone as unique.

I believe my story is a classic.  Even though it isn't timely, it has everything else.  My book isn't timely because it doesn't have to do with things that were happening during the time it was written; it has to do with things that happened thirty years earlier.  However, it is timeless, true, been around for a while, well written, and makes connections.  This story is definitely a classic, and that's why I think it is a great novel.

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