My book takes place in a quiet little county known as Maycomb County, Alabama.  The setting greatly affects the mood of the story, because it makes the mood what it is.  The mood in my story so far is peaceful, relaxed, and quiet.  The mood is peaceful, relaxed, and quiet because the setting is a small, relaxed, quiet southern town where not very much action happens.  If the setting had taken place in, say, a busy city, the mood would probably be a lot different.  However, since the setting takes place where it does, it creates the mood and makes me feel relaxed when reading the book.

In my book the setting affects the mood the same way. In my book the setting is at a beach town, when you think of a beach town you feel relaxed and safe. However the mood changes in my book because of the shark attacks. It sounds like in your book that the mood will most likely stay the same.


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