When I was reading my book, I noticed one big thing that I thought was really strange between the book and the film: Calpurnia.  In the book, Calpurnia is shown to be a pretty big character.  There are whole chapters all about her.  At one point in the book, she takes Scout and Jem with her to church.  You learn a lot about her in this chapter, and so do Scout and Jem.  She also has a lot to do with taking care of them in place of their mother, and even though she is strict, Scout and Jem both learn to love her.  However, in the film, Calpurnia is not a very big character.  In fact, she is a pretty small character.  She has little to do with the storyline.  I just found this to be weird because it was so different.
Ben Higgins
4/26/2012 03:13:03 am

My book and movie do the same thing. The warden of Shawshank Prison is a huge character in the movie but in the book he is in the book for like ten pages. Although, I just wonder why the director would make him such a big character.


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