The character that I am choosing to sketch about is Jem Finch.  He is an average young boy, and he fits in well with the society that he lives in.  I would be friends with him because he is a smart kid, while not being unadventurous.  He has a really good personality and is very supportive of his little sister.  All in all, Jem is a really cool kid.  In the novel, Dill dared Jem to go touch the Radley house.  Jem had to make a decision about whether or not to touch the house.  He decided to, and ran into the yard, slapped the house, and ran away as fast as possible.  I agree with his decision because it made him look cool in front of his peers, and it wasn't something that would hurt or be bad for anyone.
4/26/2012 05:55:10

My character, Oskar Schindler, doesn't fit in at all with society of the time. This is pretty much the only big difference. My character was the biggest supporter of everybody that I have ever seen. He accepted anybody who needed help, and he was outgoing in that sense.

4/26/2012 06:01:26

My character, Gandalf the White, doesn't fit in much as well. He was the supreme force for good in the books, and seen as a god figure at times. Even with his power, he treats everyone around him, no matter their rank or status, with great respect.

Eletria Herbert
4/26/2012 06:02:32

My character, Dorothy seems a little like the way you described your character Jem. She is a pretty cool seeming girl that I would hangout with. So in a way our characters have a few similarities,.

Daniel Harrast
4/26/2012 06:06:41

My character, Sherlock Holmes is smart and adventurous just like your and thats is why I would be my freinds with my character like you with yours.

Johnny Boy
4/26/2012 06:15:09

You didn't leave enough sentences!!! You fail!!!

Landon Buzzzzzzerrrd
4/26/2012 06:10:24

Your character is lucky compared to mine. Forrest Gump was my character i chose to write my character sketch on. He's the main character in the novel i read. Your character fits into society and is a normal young average boy. Forrest gets bullied because he's practically an idiot and he doesnt fit in at all. But after he becomes a football star, everyone likes him.

Daniel Harrast
4/27/2012 00:25:57

To add on to my other comment (John -_-) my character does fit into society like yours. I also think that if sherlock didn't solve crimes, society would thing he is crazy. He is a crime solving mastermind but when he isnt solving crime, he is in his room doing crazy stuff that is not really accepted by society.

4/27/2012 02:45:05

Jem Finch from To kill a Mockingbird and Piggy from The Lord of the Flies are similar for multiple reason. Piggy is smart and comes up with crazy solutions for everything and is not adventurous, and Jem is smart and not adventurous as well. Piggy supports his friend Ralph just as Jem supports his little sister.

Sawyer Rachor
5/1/2012 00:27:43

Although a big age difference between our main characters, Jem Finch, and James Bond, I think that they could be friends because they both are adventerous and fit in with the people around them well. Jim Finch fit in with society well because he was an average young boy, just like other kids in his neighborhood. James Bond fits in with the people around him because James Bond is a well- known British spy, who everyone goes to in need.


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