The movie of To Kill a Mockingbird is actually a lot like the book.  The storyline is the same, the characters for the most part act the same, and the setting is the same.  Scout and Jem live with their father Atticus n a small Alabaman town.  Atticus is appointed to be the lawyer of a black man who is accused of raping a white woman.  Boo Radley is the crazy guy who lives down the street.  Tom Robinson, the black man, is found guilty, but it is obvious to everyone that he is not guilty.  The man who pressed the charges was so humiliated that he attacked Jem and Scout, but Boo Radley saves them.

The actor that played Atticus in the movie was Gregory Peck.  In he been in many, many other movies, but is best known for his performance in this one.  The actress that played Scout was Mary Badham.  I believe my director, Robert Mulligan, did an excellent job of creating this movie.  Robert Mulligan has directed 19 other movies.  I believe Gregory Peck was wonderful in the movie, and so was Mary Badham.  There were some character traits that I didn't expect though.  Jem is supposed to be four years older than Scout.  However, in the movie, he only looks to be about 2 years older than her.

There were some other differences between the film and the novel, such as left out scenes, character traits, and small details.  In the movie, a fire scene was left out, and Calpurnia was barely a part of it.  However, in the book, there was a fire scene, and Calpurnia was a pretty big character.  In the novel and film comparison I go into more detail about the similarities and differences.

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